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Customer brand and label print design

Description: Customer brand design is for customers who want to build their own products brands. CCB has much experience in designing product brands for customers.

Product selection and design project

Description: Product selection and design project, we have a design team to provide variety of design plan to serve the customers.

Battery assemblies

Description: when purchasing the batteries; we have engineers and technicians to train or help the buyers how to install and equip the batteries. We will ensure the battery works properly after assembly.

Battery sizing based on customer requirements

Description: CCB have a wide range of different sized batteries; they can be suitable for different customers needs.

Bid projects

Description: CCB has much success in tendered projects, and our project teams have much experience in handling these projects. They will analyse and draft the proposal according to the customer's request.

Information Sending

Description: CCB will send new information to the customers by post, E-mail, Fax or internet, to introduce our new products, news update, and new services.

Sample Product Post

Description: When some customers are very interested in CCB products, and want to evaluate before order, then CCB will post the sample to the customers.


Description: When customers place an order, CCB will handle the delivery process as soon as possible, normally, the first container (7 sets) will delivered within 7 days after receipt of the deposit. Then two containers can be shipped every week thereafter.


Description: CCB will always update the shipping information, including the weather, new shipping policy, and the shipping cost.

Fitting / Cable assemblies

Description: CCB guarantee all products will fit in the container very carefully before delivery.

Special packaging

Description: When customer requests a special delivery or packing, or in some customized case, CCB can provide the special packaging for the specific products.


Description: CCB provides a range of training courses to the technicians, including installation, maintenance, and testing, we also provide some courses to the customers.


Description: When accident happens, CCB provides a technical phone line and fax number to customers, Our CCB technician will help the customers to solve the problems and give suggestions to the customers.