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CAD drawings of all assemblies

Description: CCB design team uses Auto CAD software to design the battery, cabinet, and the process of the battery assemblies.

Charger design and assembly

Description: Charger design and assembly are also a responsibility of the CCB design team; all of the assemblies used CAD drawings.

Quality check

Description: CCB provides quality check service to the customers, Our engineers will evaluate batteries quality which the customer is using, and issue the quality testing report to the customers.In addition, our engineers will keep track of the results.


Description: CCB engineers collect battery information every quarter, the information including the battery working estate, the working problems, the engineers will analyse these data and draw up the analysis report, so that they can improve the battery quality.


Description: CCB engineers can go to the customer's company to check the batteries whenever customer needs, to make sure the batteries work properly, and give suggestions to customers.


Description: When customer needs a new function battery or high efficiency battery, our CCB engineers will base on customer's request, to rebuild our battery manufacturing technique.


Description: According to the customer's request, CCB engineers can help customers to check the battery and its accessory, such as cabinet, connector, and we provide maintenance service. CCB recommends yearly check on the battery.