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Over past four years, the CCB2V1000AH (48V) 6 units we have been using are still working very well. We are satisfied with the quality of CCB batteries. Here we express our appreciation to CCB Co. for their considerate and continuous services.


We prefer to associate with professional companies, for they know well what customers need exactly and primarily.


After using CCB batteries, our customers and we have changed our customary idea cast upon made-in-China batteries. CCB provides quality products and good services at a competitive price, which make our jobs simplified and easier.


We are always seeking to find a perfect battery supplier with high quality products, favorable prices and professional services. CCB is the right business partner we need, and we are satisfied to cooperate with CCB.


We are a manufacturer of ELECTRONIC WHEELCHAIR, and we used to purchase batteries in our local market. But because of the higher expense, we have turned to search for foreign suppliers since the end of 1999. We found CCB via Internet. To meet our special requirements on wheelchairs, they correspondingly altered the battery shape, size and terminal for us. In February 2000, their battery passed the sample test and we began to import batteries from them afterwards. Since we choose CCB battery set, we are keeping popular and reliable among customers. So we want to thank CCB who has been providing us with quality batteries with lower price, and we also tend to establish a closer cooperation relation with them.


Through the cooperation with CCB, we believe that it is a trustworthy battery supplier. UPS batteries and CCB-HD series provided by them have a great reliability. CCB offers us not only the quality products with favorable price, as well as battery set solutions. Thanks for their bona fide services to us. CCB is not only our supplier, but also our business partner.


As a battery distributor in US, we used to have three battery manufacturers as our suppliers. However, the US West Coast port strike in the year of 2002 caused lots of cargos held up in the port and could not enter US, resulting in the increase of shipping freight by times. The other two suppliers requested a delay of delivery with an excuse that no vessel was available. We were very anxious on the thought that if we failed to deliver goods to customers on time, order withdrawal and forfeit would be imposed to us consequently. Fortunately, CCB turned to the navigating line along the American east coast, so that goods were delivered as scheduled and arrived on time. The freight charges were 1.5 times higher than it had been, but CCB paid it without any hesitate.
After being notified to accept the goods, we were deeply moved. It was CCB who had saved our loss. So we promise to place all of our orders with CCB the whole year of 2003, and we will keep it as our long-term order decision in the coming days.

---- BatterySup. LLC