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Since its establishment in 1995, CCB Industrial Battery Co., an expert manufacturer of sealed lead acid batteries, has aggressively pursued the research and development of a full range of batteries for the global power supply market and the standard international applications for them. Our major objectives have focused on how to become more effective as a manufacturer and supplier: lowering costs while improving quality, and providing safer and environment-friendly manufacturing processes.

With an 11,000 square meter manufacturing plant finely tuned for efficiency, strong innovation from our R&D team, ISO quality standard manufacturing processes and plant operations, effective management, and the awareness of being an industry leader in the production of VRLA batteries, CCB constantly manufactures its products today to meet tomorrow's requirements. That's why CCB follows ISO standards, and has been awarded certifications from ISO 9001, and UL and CE approvals. That's also why CCB has continued to expand and improve production of high-quality AGM, Gel, Telecom and other application segment batteries.

CCB has obtained the following international certifications:
ISO9001 Certification
UL Approval
CE Approval

CCB products proudly include our own brand "CCB", but are even more commonly shipped as OEM labeled products for qualified, major clients all over the world. CCB welcomes every opportunity to be your partner in battery manufacturing and the power supply industry.

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